24 Season 2- Episode 4 Recap
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As per Mallick’s information, Kush was injected with the virus at 10.30 and after half an hour the symptoms will start to show. Mallick instructs Vedant and Raj to go to the Neptune mall and find him. 





Prithvi is discussing the Roshan Sherchan matter with Mallick and Commissioner Khurana when Naina Singhania barges into the room. Prithvi has to take her out of the room which upsets Naina. She tries to probe but Prithvi doesn’t share any details with her. 





Vedant, Raj and team are at the mall. They identify Kush. Kush runs away to the parking lot. Mitali comes there and convinces him to surrender to the police. By now, Kush’s nose has started bleeding.







Jai ropes in BEST Shankar in his plan after paying him a huge sum of money. Jai calls Joshi and tells him that he needs his signature to complete some ATU formalities. Joshi agrees to meet him in the office. At the ATU Zara sees an email that mentions Roshan Sherchan was moved into the solitary confinement in the presence of Jai. She informs Joshi about Jai being on leave. Joshi is perplexed when he sees Jai cutting Zara’s call.






Bhisham and Devyani accidentally meet at the lobby of Aditya’s hotel. It is revealed that they are living in separate houses. But she still accepts to have coffee with Bhisham. Bhisham is concerned about Devyani’s diabetes. 




Prithvi tells Aditya that Devyani has reached the hotel. Aditya is surprised. He wants to cancel the lunch on the background of the events happening in Roshan Sherchan matter. However Prithvi tells him to go ahead and have lunch. On their way they meet Naina who knows complete background of Devyani although they have met for the first time.







Veer leaves for work post which Mili comes and tells her that it was her birthday. She requests Kiran to help her mother in preparations.





Will Mallick and ATU be able to trace Kush? Who is AM and how is she connected with Prithvi? After Zara’s call to Joshi, how will Jai escape Roshan from jail? To know all this and more stay tuned to 24 Season 2 every Saturday- Sunday 9PM.

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