24 Season 2- Episode 3 Recap
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Jai returns to Joshi’s office through the washroom, just how he had escaped. At the same time Joshi walks in with his son Rahul. Jai is in a hurry and asks Rahul to join him so that they can speak on the way to his next meeting. Rahul is happy with the offer and instantly agrees. 




Jai drives to a garage to meet Salim, his associate and asks him to keep Rahul safely in his custody as he can be of use later on. He assures Salim that the plan is on, only delayed by a few hours. Jai then goes to a nearby hospital to steal an ambulance.




Raj is an ATU agent working in Mallick’s team. He manages to catch Prakash who confesses that a special consignment of cocaine was delivered to a boy called Kush Sawant in Bhatti Chawl at Lower Parel. 




Kush’s parents find the drug packet in his bag which breaks and falls on the floor. When Vedant and team reach Kush’s house for a raid, Kush has already left. Moreover his mother has disposed of all the powder into the sink. Immediately tests are conducted by Dr Mehta and it is revealed that the cocaine didn’t carry the virus. In further interrogation Kush’s father informs that there were 3 more packets in his bag.




While in solitary confinement, Roshan pretends to suffer from a stroke. As soon as jailor Marathe comes in, Roshan attacks and kills him in vengeance.




Vedant calls and says that the cocaine is not carrying the virus. Mallick interrogates Prakash and he identifies Chang who had given him cocaine packets. He also tells that Kush was given the packets and also an injection. 








Kiran is uncomfortable with landlord Inder’s behavior and rushes out of his house. On her way out, she sees Sara, his wife, bruised and with a fractured hand. Back home, she is happy to see her brother Veer. 








Gyan, Jai and Haroon have a conference call. Haroon tells him that they are paying him 25 crores. So he has no reason to crib about any complications.

Why has Jai kidnapped Joshi’s son, Rahul? Will the ATU trace Kush in time? Stay tuned to 24 Season 2 for more.



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