24 Season 2- Episode 24 Recap
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Jai and Maddy barge into an electronic store. In the nick of time, Jai puts the virus tube into the washing machine in a store. The tube explodes inside the machine thus, limiting the spread of virus. ATU team immediately contains it and its spread is completely avoided. Using the laptop, internet from the store, Maddy tracks the location from where the virus explosion is being monitored. Vedant tells Jai that it could be a trap but Jai says they have little choice and proceeds to the location.





The location is actually the office of an NGO. Jai is about to get Mehr but she has fixed a bomb in the office and when it blasts, she escapes. Raj reaches the location and follows Mehr, giving Jai some time to recover from the shock of the blast. Later, Jai finds out that Dr. Devyani Bhowmick is associated with the NGO from where Mehr was operating. He also finds the name of Narain Paul, the fake identity that was created by Dhruv for himself, in the list of associated people.





Jai asks Vedant to recheck the autopsy reports of Dhruv. It is confirmed that Dhruv didn’t die a natural death but was poisoned. Moreover, the security footage reveals that just before Dhruv’s death, Dr. Devyani had met him. ATU suspects that it is Devyani who is behind the entire attack.





Surprisingly, the antibodies are found in Devyani’s blood. Meanwhile Aditya’s situation is worsening.





Naina is lobbying against Prithvi to become a PM however Prithvi threatens her that if she goes against Maneshinde’s death.





Jai informs Aditya about Roshan’s death and containing of virus tubes by ATU. Aditya congratulates Jai on completing the mission. But Jai informs him that Devyani is perhaps involved in this complete operation with Dhruv and that he is going to interrogate her. Aditya says that he would like to speak to Devyani. During the interrogation Devyani faints and Jai finds that Devyani’s insulin injection has come from BBS Pharmaceuticals. Jai senses something fishy.





Dr. Mehta informs Dr. Bhisham Bhowmick that Devyani has started showing symptoms of the virus. Dr. Bhowmick is shocked to know this. He goes back to his lab and talks to his assistant Unni. It is revealed in their conversation that they had developed the virus and its vaccine after a long research and also that the antibodies were injected in Devyani’s insulin pen by Unni as they didn’t want her to get infected. Dr. Bhowmick is testing the vaccine on himself when ATU and Devyani reach there and Bhisham Bhowmick is exposed. He also confesses that he was behind Dhruv’s killing as well. He reveals that the entire pharma lobby was threatened by the PM’s Health Bill and he wanted to make the country understand the importance of pharmaceutical companies.


Mallick’s mother pulls trigger on Jai to avenge Mallick’s death.

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