24 Season 2- Episode 23 Recap
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Upon returning from Maneshinde’s house, Naina and Prithvi get to know that the PMO has been quarantined due to the accidental virus outbreak. Naina and Prithvi are shocked to know that Aditya is exposed and they rush to the hospital to see him. At the hospital, Naina almost breaks down to see Aditya’s condition and Prithvi is also unable to digest the fact. Aditya gives them hope and requests them to get together in this crisis situation despite their internal differences.





Roshan threatens Maddy that if she makes another mistake, he will kill her. Meanwhile they reach the location. Vaidehi is asked to walk towards Roshan and his men. Kabir walks towards Saigal. In between Kabir stops as he is scared. Saigal has to cajole him and finally Kabir goes to him. But Vaidehi demands that she will not go to Roshan unless he tells her if he has killed her mom. Finally Roshan has to step out of the car.





As soon as Roshan steps out of the car, ATU starts firing. After a lot of chasing, Jai gets hold of Roshan. He asks Roshan about remaining two locations but Roshan doesn’t budge. Meanwhile Jai receives a message from ATU that remaining virus locations have been identified and Jai kills Roshan. Maddy is also taken into custody.





ATU finds one virus tube on the airport and contains it. The other tube is placed in a bus. ATU informs Jai about this and he goes on location. He manages to get control of the tube however it is going to explode any moment.





Jai realizes that those who have developed this virus must have definitely developed its cure as well. They just need to find out what that cure is. It seems difficult to others but Jai reminds them that the people behind this entire virus attack must be monitoring the last tube of virus and it is possible to reach them. Fortunately, Maddy is alive and with Jai, listening to the conversation. She volunteers to help them out. But her suggestion is that they need to let the last tube explode. Jai agrees.








Dr. Bhowmick wants his daughter Devyani to be with him during her treatment. Dr. Sunny Mehta assures him that both, Dr. Devyani and Aditya Singhania will be kept under his supervision.







Naina is trying to gain back her power in the party while Prithvi is trying to get things under control within the government.



How will Aditya’s situation impact the whole nation? Will ATU manage to trace the cure for the virus? Or will the entire country end up getting infected by the virus?

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