24 Season 2- Episode 22 Recap
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Agents find out that the satellite feeds have been deleted from the servers. They also get to know that someone from Saigal’s office was logged on to the servers. Later on they inform Jai about these happenings. Jai tells Mihir to lock down IB.





Saigal is trapped. Roshan keeps threatening him over the phone. Saigal has no choice and he finally manages to help Vaidehi escape from ATU. Later on, in frustration, he tells Vaidehi that Roshan has kidnapped his 10 year old son and that’s why he has no choice but take her to Roshan.





Veer confirms that only Saigal had an access to the server from where the satellite feed was deleted. Vedant and Jai are unable to understand why Saigal would help Roshan. Saigal receives a call from Jai but he doesn’t answer it, leaving his phone behind. Later on, as Jai probes further he concludes that perhaps Kabir and his grandmother are in danger and this could be the reason why Saigal is helping Roshan.





Agents track Saigal’s phone which is found in the ATU building. Jai instructs that ATU be locked down. However, Saigal has escaped by then. When Agents check on Vaidehi’s security it is found out that she is not there in the ATU. 





With the help of Agents, Jai tracks down Saigal’s car and then manages to stop him. He monitors all conversation between Saigal and Roshan and creates a plan to trap Roshan.




Devayni and Aditya get to know that Dr. Bhowmick and Aditya are both virus infected. Devyani speaks to Dr. Bhowmick who gets upset about exposing everyone to the virus. 





Vaidehi is upset that Jai is using her to reach her father. Jai explains the situation to her. She is shocked to know that Roshan killed her mother Anjali as well.













Antara shows Prithvi the footage from security camera where it is clearly evident that Naina Singhania and Antara both are involved in Maneshinde’s death. Antara wants to surrender to police. Prithvi tries to show the practical side to Antara. This doesn’t go well with her. She feels that there is no way out and kills herself.





Prithvi tells Naina that he knows her truth. He also shows her the wristwatch that she had forgotten at Maneshinde’s house. Naina says that he will not be able to prove anything with a wristwatch. After hearing this Prithvi doesn’t discuss with her about the memory card that contains footage which gives enough evidence that Naina Singhania was involved in Maneshinde’s sudden demise.





Aditya is making Roshan feel that he is safe so that ATU gets time to catch him.


Will Jai get Roshan this time? Or will they lose Kabir? Will Prithvi avenge Antara’s suicide by putting Naina behind the bars? How will the country react to the virus outbreak in PMO? Will Dr. Bhowmick and his team manage to find an antidote for the virus as a last hope?


Stay tuned to 24 Season 2, this weekend, 9PM!

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