24 Season 2- Episode 2 Recap
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The clock has started ticking. Jai asks Roshan to be ready in the next one hour as he will help him escape prison. 





On the other hand, Haroon asks Gyan to check what Jai is up to. Gyan assures him that the plan is activated. Haroon is waiting for Roshan to get out of prison post which he will take revenge for his brother’s arrest.





Jai is still in the jail. He calls Haroon as soon as he gets an opportunity. Maya answers the call and informs Jai about a special drug consignment. Jai asks her to gather as much information as possible. Maya also reminds him that he has promised her that he will take her out of Haroon’s grasp. Haroon comes while Maya is talking to Jai. Jai assures Haroon that he will free Roshan and bring him to Uran.





Vedant tells Mallick that the dead body is identified. Firoze Alam, a local drug addict from Dharavi is the ill-fated man to become a victim of the virus. Mallick instructs Vedant to get more details about Firoze. In a meeting Mallick briefs Aditya about the threat. Aditya refuses to compromise and instructs that Roshan be moved to a high security cell. He is surprised to know that Jai is in the rehab.







Superintendent Joshi is told to move Roshan to a soliatry confinement. Jai realizes that his plan may not be successful. When he gets an opportunity he escapes from Superintendent Joshi’s office to save a losing battle. Jai tells Gyan and Haroon that the situation is under control. Haroon is doubtful about Jai’s intentions. He asks his goon Chang to keep an eye on Jai’s activities. 





Haroon’s associate, Chang calls up the delivery boy Kush and informs him about tight police security at signals.





The ATU has a traitor sitting right amidst them. Gyan who is helping Haroon in his plan is actually working for the ATU.







Naina Singhania, Aditya’s mother yearns to see her daughter Divya out of jail. She comes to meet Aditya. As usual, she complains that Aditya is not doing anything for Divya’s release from the jail. Aditya is firm on his decision and refuses to put in a word for Divya.





Kiran is living by herself in a cottage. Her landlord and neighbor Inder requests Kiran to take care of his daughter Mili. Kiran is reluctant. He explains that he needs to go to the doctor where his wife is waiting for him. Kiran agrees to wait at his house with Mili till he returns. But when she speaks to Mili, Kiran realizes that something is off.





Dr. Devyani Bhowmick cancels the lunch date with Aditya because she is busy in a medical camp at Dharavi. In fact, Firoze Alam, was an old patient of Devyani. She wonders why he didn’t turn up today.


Will Jai be able to help Roshan escape from jail? Why is Gyan supporting Haroon despite being from ATU? Stay tuned to 24 Season 2 for more!

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