24 Season 2- Episode 19 Recap
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Jai is forced to leave from the spot after shooting Mallick. On his way back to the ATU Aditya Singhania calls him to offer condolences.








Natasha Khambatta, a guest in the hotel, approaches the ATU team to inform them that her companion, who she had met just the previous night in a bar, is not to be found anywhere.In addition, since they had not revealed their identities to each other, Natasha doesn’t have much information about this man. Veer starts a forensic search and manages to get the fingerprints.





When Jai returns without Mallick, Saigal blames him and calls him a murderer. Jai hands over Mallick’s phone and Kabir’s picture to Saigal.Saigal is emotional on seeing the video message that Mallick has recorded for Kabir. Later on he composes himself and announces to the ATU staff that Mallick is no more, but he is still upset with Jai. Everyone is shocked and Zara breaks down.





Jai and Vedant are watching Dhruv’s security footage where Mallick is interrogating him. Jai notices that there is no trace of fear in Dhruv’s mannerisms and they realize that probably he is fearless as he knows that the virus can’t do him any harm.And this is possible only when there is already some antidote for it. This probability is immediately forwarded to the PMO, who then shares it with Dr. Bhisham Bhowmick. Dr. Bhowmick starts preparing to perform different tests on Dhruv.





Devyani suggests that Saigal should allow her to meet Dhruv so that she can try to get some information from him. A reluctant Saigal agrees.





Antara finds the ring in Maneshinde’s bedroom but also realizes that all this while the security camera in his bedroom must have recorded everything. She removes the memory card from the camera. On the other hand, Aditya is grateful to Naina Singhania for her support.





Along with the cyanide stock sent by Mallick, Veer and team also receive the news of her death. A shocked ATU team has no choice but to continue their work at the hotel. Veer announces to the guests that they can choose an easy death if they want. One woman walks up to him and takes the cyanide pill.





Jai asks Maya to share everything that she knows about Roshan. Maya demands that she wants a clean chit from the PM in this whole situation.As soon as the document arrives Maya informs Jai that when she was just a ten year old, a pregnant Anjali Sharma had stayed with her and her parents in a house in Mumbai. This house was in Maya’s mother’s name and hence ATU wouldn’t have it on their records. Maya is sure that Roshan is hiding there. Jai immediately leaves with a team for this new location revealed by Maya.





Roshan gives an offer to the Tunisian officials who seem to be happy to use this virus on their people for vested interests. After this, Roshan is packing up and ready to leave the place.





Will Jai and his team get Roshan this time? Will Saigal be able to cope with life after Mallick’s death? Is Devyani Bhowmick really helping the ATU? Has Dhruv already developed an antidote for the virus? Will Antara manage to hide the reality of Maneshinde’s death? Or will Naina Singhania's truth be revealed through security camera?


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