24 Season 2- Episode 17 Recap
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Balraaj is following Roshan’s instruction, who tells him to leave the cab and get into a car that is sent for him. But this is a plot to kill him and as soon as Balraaj tries to start the car, it explodes. Helpless without Balraaj, Jai decides to return to the ATU. For the time being it looks like they will be unable to trace Roshan.





One of the employees, Xavier, overhears Chang pleading to Gyan to kill him.Realizing the situation he sets off the hotel fire alarm. Veer and other agents are trying to bring situation under control but in vain. Finally Veer has to share the truth with everyone.Later, Veer is unable to see Gyan in extreme pain and suggests that he could shoot himself but Gyan refuses.





Naina returns to PMO where Aditya and Prithvi are discussing about getting details from Telecom about phone calls made by Dhruv after he came to India. Naina identifies Dhruv and meanwhile Prithvi receives some data from Telecom which reveals that Dhruv had called Devyani. Slightly upset, Aditya questions Devyani about this. Devyani says that she has told Aditya everything she knew about Dhruv, her ex- boyfriend.





Vasu is upset about Balraaj’s death. Roshan consoles him.Gathering himself, Vasu leaves to meet Yotam. The actual plan is to kill Yotam and they are successful in it.

















Will Anjali Sharma be of any help to ATU? How will Jai deal with the fact that Veer is infected by the virus? What effect will the new found truth about Dhruv have on Devyani & Aditya’s relationship? How will Antara deal with Maneshinde’s sudden death?


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