24 Season 2- Episode 16 Recap
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ATU also manages to identify Dhruv’s mobile number. Mallick asks ATU agent Mihir to find out the call details.






Veer has volunteered to join the ATU team that will go to Gateway Paradise. Mallick is not happy about it. Later, Zara informs them that Dr. Dixit and his team will arrive on location in 20 minutes and that they should not enter the hotel without protection. A few ATU agents follow Veer into the hotel, including Gyan.






Chang is identified by the hotel staff as AC Maintenance guy and they guide ATU team to the basement where Chang had gone. Chang is caught by ATU team. Later, Chang reveals all locations and entire plan to the ATU team.






Jai ties up Balraaj and pretends to leave loaction. As expected Balraj calls Roshan upon escaping, while Roshan tells him to ensure that Jai is not following him.






Roshan is in a hotel with Maddy, a professional hacker. They are trying to hack into the CCTV footage of Gateway Residency. In a conversation with Yotam, Roshan comes to know that Chang was left back in the hotel. He realizes that by now Chang must have shared the plan with ATU and decides to go with a fresh plan.






Gyan locks himself up in the basement to avoid the spread of the virus. However, the virus has already spread in the hotel. Back at ATU everyone is shocked but they update Jai about this development.






Naina Singhania enters Maneshinde’s house secretively. She explains to Antara how Shantaram was killed and under which circumstances. She tells Antara to help her in proving Maneshinde guilty. Naina manages to create a mobile phone history of fake communication between Shantaram and Maneshinde. While Naina and Antara are talking, Maneshinde wakes up and sees them together. He reprimands Antara and Naina Singhania for this behavior. Post which Maneshinde collapses and dies of a heart attack caused by the heated argument.



Will Jai be able to trace Roshan? What will be Naina’s plan after Maneshinde’s death? Stay tuned to 24 Season 2 for more, every weekend at 9PM.

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