24 Season 2- Episode 13 Recap
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Jai asks ATU to send the Delta team at the new location in 15 minutes however he is informed that the Delta team may take a little longer than that. Maya overhears the conversation and is shocked to know that Jai is still with ATU.








At the meeting location, Dhruv has come but Mehr is not there. Jai and Roshan insist that the authenticity of virus be tested and Dhruv conducts the test. As soon as the authenticity of virus is ensured and deal is locked, Jai signals the Delta team to attack.





Dhruv manages to escape whereas on the other hand Haroon and Jai get into a fight. Jai stabs Haroon to save his own life, badly injuring him. He also shoots Roshan. Assuming that both are dead, takes away Haroon’s mobile which has the tracker and follows Dhruv.





Jai updates the ATU and Delta team that he has gone after Dhruv. The Sherchan brothers are dead and the virus consignment is in the shed. Upon hearing these updates, Kamat asks his 2 associates to follow Jai.





Kamat goes into the shed to get the virus consignment. He is having a closer look at the virus test tube in the spectrometer when Roshan attacks him from behind and kills him. However, even in that last moment Kamat manages to lock the briefcase containing virus test tubes so that Roshan cannot use them. 





Roshan kills Haroon at his request. Then he dresses up one of his goons in his own jacket and gives an open grenade in his hand. After that he takes away the test tube from Kamat’s hand and escapes. Behind him, the shed gets blasted by the grenade. On the other hand, Delta team reaches and finds the briefcase locked and intact as it is made from titanium alloy which cannot be broken. Both the dead bodies are identified as Haroon and Roshan.

















Will Roshan manage to wreak havoc with one test tube that he has? How will the ATU know that Roshan is alive? Will Jai and ATU be able to stop him? For this and much more, stay tuned to 24 Season 2 every weekend at 9PM!

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