(18th Oct- 24rd Oct) Weekly Recap-Uttaran: Nani Returns with Vengeance
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Last week in Uttaran we saw how Nani comes back on Iccha’s insistence. Though she apologizes for her actions, but now she is determined to seek revenge from both Iccha and Mukta. All this while Nani has been conspiring against Mukta and joins hands with Veer’s uncle Tej Singh Bundela.

Meanwhile, we see Meethi’s indifferent behaviour towards her mother as Iccha had a dark past that has left a strong impression in her mind. On the other hand Mukta is seen growing closer to Iccha that irks Nani beyond means.


To teach Mukta a good lesson Nani tries to convince her to get married to Tej Singh. Tej, who is already head-over-heels for Mukta likes the plan. Nani tries her best to explain Mukta that is she marries Tej, she would get access to the haveli, and then she can actually get Iccha and Veer together.


While Nani’s conspiracy is still under wraps, Tej Singh is seen drinking alcohol in front of Daddy’s picture. Veer doesn’t approve of this practice and an altercation takes between Tej Singh and Veer. The verbal fight soon takes shape of  an attack, wherein Veer gets severly injured as Tej breaks a glass bottle on his head. Tej falls off the first floor and is rushed to the hospital.


Learning about Veer’s fatal accident, Iccha rushes to the hospital in the hope to see Veer, only to be confronted by Gunvanti who refuses to allow her to see her son.


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