12 Hours in the life of 24 Season 2 characters
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We have reached a midpoint in 24 Season 2 with Episode 12 that was telecast on Sunday. We are sure that for our viewers, the past 12 Episodes or 12 hours in reel time were action- thrill- excitement packed! Let’s have a look at what some of our favorite characters went through in these 12 hours…


Haroon Sherchan





Haroon, the younger of the Sherchan brothers, had threatened the ATU that if his brother Roshan was not released from the prison he would release a deadly, weaponised virus in major Indian cities. In Roshan’s absence, Haroon had run the business and also expanded their drug network. The weaponized virus was going to be his biggest success, after which he was going to leave the country with Roshan and his selected people. He had entrusted this job upon Jai Singh Rathod. 



Jai Singh Rathod






Jai was said to be in a rehab to treat his alcohol addiction. In reality, he had been working with Haroon for the past 6 months. He was involved in helping terrorist Roshan Sherchan escape from Pune Central Jail. Consequentially, he was labeled to be a traitor. However, as it turned out, Jai was the good guy on an undercover mission to destroy Haroon’s drug network and the weaponised virus. Will Jai be successful in his mission? Will he be able to gather his scattered life after the mission is over? Or will it cause more damage to his personal relations?









Maya, who is Haroon’s girlfriend, is actually in a secret affair with Jai and hopes that he will save her, and her father Omkaar, from Haroon’s clutches. She has been extremely resourceful and helped Jai with internal information. She knows little about the weaponised virus or its implications and her only focus is to escape from Haroon’s farmhouse for a better life.



Roshan Sherchan






12 hours ago Roshan Sherchan, the infamous terrorist was in Pune Central Jail awaiting his hanging the next day. But fate turned in his favor and he was soon with his brother in their farmhouse. He immediately took charge of the situation and decided to close the deal for the weaponised virus himself. His interference has hurt Haroon who wants to prove his mettle to Roshan. Initially doubtful about Jai’s intentions, Roshan has started trusting him now.



Aditya Singhania






Prime Minister Aditya Singhania was always supportive of the ATU but Jai’s undercover mission has brought trouble upon him. Aditya is upset and hurt that the ATU took such major decision without any official permission. He now has little choice and flows with the events. On the other hand, his mother, Naina Singhania is constantly trying to brainwash him about people close to him, be it his confidante and cousin, Prithvi Singhania or his girlfriend Devyani Bhowmick. How will all these events affect Aditya’s life and political career?



Shibani Mallick






Shibani Mallick was the ATU Head in Jai’s absence. She is also the single mother of an autistic child who demands attention. Along with her colleagues Gyan and Vedant, she was a part of the undercover operation against the Sherchan brothers. In the process she had to face a lot of criticism. Her ex-husband, Siddharth Saigal, was later brought in as ATU Head in her place and she had to report to him. With Saigal’s re-entry into her life things have become complicated for Mallick as the bitterness in their personal lives keeps creeping in to their work. Juggling between her work and family, Mallick was doing a splendid job nonetheless.



Veer Singh Rathod






Jai’s son Veer was an IB Agent with Saigal and was a part of investigation against Jai. Veer blames his father for his mother’s death. Furthermore, he chanced upon footage of Jai and Maya kissing in a hotel lift which added to his hatred. Saigal was taking advantage of this rift between the father and son. He instructed Veer to bring his sister Kiran to the ATU for interrogation. Veer found out that Kiran was in danger & with the help of police he saved her and brought her back to the ATU office. Upon returning he was informed that Jai was actually an undercover agent. Although this came as some solace to Veer, he was not ready to forgive Jai for having an affair with Maya.



Kiran Rathod






The day had normally started for Jai’s daughter Kiran but it turned out to be rather eventful. Kiran’s whimsical landlord and neighbor Inder had beaten up his wife, Sara. Sara had urged Kiran to escape with her daughter Mili to a safe place. On the way, Mili had fainted and Kiran had to rush her to a nearby hospital. Meanwhile Inder lodged a police complaint against Kiran for kidnapping Mili and stealing his car. Police was on the lookout for her but soon Inder’s true intentions were revealed and he was arrested by the police.


To know where life takes our favorite characters from here, stay tuned to 24 Season 2, every weekend at 9PM!


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