100 days of Madhubala!
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Colors' grandest show till date, Madhubala – Ek ishq Ek Junoon, complete 100 episode today and by far have managed to touch all the right chords. Where Superstar RK is doing everything he can to be cruel to Madhu, their growing chemistry is interesting to watch. Saurabh Tewari while launching the show promised to highlight the personal lives' of film stars and the show has stood by its words. Repeatedly we have seen RK-Madhu relationship affected by the Superstar's popularity and media's interference making it worth our time.

Vivian Dsena, who portrays the role of Superstar RK, spoke to us about his character. ” This is one of the best characters I have played in my career. The story has turned out so well and I am happy the audiences' appreciate our work.” Vivian, who is known to be very active on sets, said that with the introduction of senior characters it has become fun on sets and they get to learn a lot too. “I enjoy working with Raza Muradji and Shama Deshpandeyji. Their character adds another flavor to the show.” 

When asked about his bonding with Drashti and their characters' hot and cold relationship he said, “RK likes to irritate Madhu because she hates him so much. When you live with a person you don't like you tend to hate everything about the person and his/her habits irritate you and that's what is happening with RK and Madhu. But RK is not cold-hearted, he has a past whic he finds difficult to move on and hence sometime he's able to connect with Madhu on an emotional level.” 

Awww! it really does make our heart flutter when we see these two on-screen and especially when he calls her 'Biwi', sounds endearing! Vivian even shared a story with us about how 'Biwi' came about. “Saurabh and I sat and discussed over what RK should call Madhu. We didn't want it a simple name, we wanted something that would remind Madhu why she hates RK everytime, hence the word 'Biwi'. I, in fact, wanted to sing it everytime i would call Madhu but finally we approved on this.” Good choice!

Vivian also confessed that its not only with Drashti that he connects so well in the show but also his sidekick Bittuji, played by Indresh Malik. Vivian said how he and Bittuji do so many things on-screen which is not even a part of the script because they understand each other as an actor. They both have shared screen space many a times and by now both are well versed with each others' body language and know how to react to each other. Over all even the story has progressed and has till now kept the audiences' engaged to the characters. 

Latest track we have seen RK reconnecting with God on the occasion of Ganpati but gets shot during Visarjan process. He is now admitted in hospital and is in a very critical shape. Madhu in order to bring him back to life walks till Siddhivinayak to pray to Ganpati Bappa. Hope this track brings the two together and we see many more romatic scenes between our favorite pair. And on completing 100 episodes successfully, a huge shoutout to the team!

Watch the 100th episode tonight on Colors at 8:30pm.  


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