Will the disagreements create a rift between Karan and Jay’s Friendship?

Temperatures remain tense at the BB Jungle as the week commences with a pathway task to the Bigg Boss house. Taking this opportunity to their advantage the Jungle gang goes all out, winning the first round of the task that can lead them to the Bigg Boss house. However, the drama unfolds when Shamita gets physically injured through the task and Pratik gets furious at the Jungle gang asking them to use their brains and not strength to win the task. The argument takes a whole different turn when Pratik and Jay get into a verbal fight, wherein Jay starts using abusive language on Pratik.

In today’s episode we witness a tiff between Karan and Jay. Karan seems annoyed at Jay for using abusive language during the fight and is seen supporting Pratik for his attempt to change. Whereas Jay stands his ground claiming that he doesn’t feel the same and point-blank disagrees with Karan. What do you think would be the outcome of the argument? Who do you think will be able to prove their point? Tune in to Colours TV to watch all the latest episodes of Bigg Boss 15, Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm and Sat-Sun at 9:30pm.


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