Will the burden of captaincy sever Nishant and Shamita’s ties!

In Bigg Boss today we’ll see, the ‘access all area’ ticket task to continue with further squabbles among the contestants. The task causes huge fights between Shamita and Nishant as well as between Pratik and Jay.

At the end of round one of the task, captain Nishant starts verifying all the notes for approvals. In the process, Nishant disapproves the notes made by Shamita and Vishal on the grounds that it has not been cut accurately. Shamita gets furious and starts an argument with Nishant accusing him of not being a fair captain.

Meanwhile, Jay is insistent on not letting any of the contestants win or even complete the task, to avoid deduction of Rs. 5 lakhs from the prize money. Jay argues that he is not here to snatch away any deserving contestants price, insisting that others should equally be aversive of doing the same. Where do you think all this drama will lead to?

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