VIP vs. non-VIP!

Temperatures heat up in the Bigg Boss house with the entry of the new wild cards, Rakhi Sawant, Ritesh, Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee. We are back on the Kitchen fights, yet again, with the VIP’s imposing new rules and dictating orders. The wild cards start dominating over the non-VIP contestants.

Today in Bigg Boss you’ll witness a major fight transpiring between the VIP and the non-VIP contestants over kitchen duties. To begin with, Rakhi Sawant hands the chopping and cleaning duties to Pratik Sehajpal and he refuses to do it, claiming that it’s too much for him to clean all the rooms. However, he assures to do all the chopping and help in cleaning just the living room area. Rashmi Desai interrupts this conversation, stating that there is hardly any cleaning to do in the living room and so he must take over the complete cleaning duty. However, the fight gets intense and Rashami is seen calling Pratik ‘Bael-Buddhi’. On that, Pratik replies saying that I might be ‘bael-buddhi’, but you are a ‘bael’.

On the other side, Rakhi Sawant and Rajiv Adatia are seen getting into a heated argument when the former asks the latter not to cook food henceforth, claiming that he spits all over the food. Rajiv gets furious listening to this and asks Rakhi to stop all her false allegations. However, Rakhi snaps back stating that she will point it out as she is a VIP.

Meanwhile, the fifth wildcard entrant, Abhijit Bichukale enters the Bigg Boss house and is seen making his stance clear to all beforehand. Also, on his entry, Abhijit is already seen getting into a fight with Umar over a bed. What do you think will happen?

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