Tiffs and Rifts at #Mieshaan’s Corner!

From the very first week, the ‘love’ blooming between Ieshaan and Miesha in the Bigg Boss Jungle hasn’t gone unnoticed. The love birds can be seen twittering around the house all day, being unable to stay off each other’s sight. Even the contestants are amazed by the couple’s remarkable chemistry and growing affection for each other, considering the short time span.

This indeed can be seen wearing off in tonight’s episode of BB as Ieshaan and Miesha get into a heated argument. Ieshaan goes furious as he gets to know that Miesha is sharing details about their personal fights with Pratik, considering that she had a past with him. Miesha denies the assertions claiming that she just shared a friendly relationship with Pratik and that there was no love affair between them whatsoever. In addition, Ishaan confesses that he is bummed about the fact that the contestants might be sharing a laugh over this matter, making him look like a fool. Miesha gets infuriated hearing this and asks him to shut up and leave her alone. Do you think this spark of fire can burn their relationship down? Is Miesha’s past relationship with Pratik going to affect her present with Ieshaan?

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