The ‘access all areas’ ticket to Bigg boss house!

After the surprise eviction of Vidhi and Donal, contestants are in a major state of shock. Meanwhile, Nishant nominates 8 people on Bigg Boss’s order. And to add to it, Bigg Boss banishes all the housemates back to the jungle, locking the main house.

In tonight’s episode you will see a twist in the game when Bigg Boss gives a golden chance to the contestants to enter the main house through a task.


However, this comes in with a ‘Conditions apply’ sign on it, wherein Bigg Boss discloses that to get an ‘access all areas’ ticket to the house, an amount of Rs. 5Lakhs will be deducted from the game’s price money. Before the task, Jay asserts that he won’t let anyone win the task as it will reduce the game’s price money.


Now the task begins with physical fights and breakouts between Karan and Pratik, wherein Tejasswi is seen supporting Karan. Seeing this, Jay gets infuriated at Tejasswi and snaps at her for supporting Karan. Who do you think will win the task? Will Jay be successful in his plan to prevent the contestants from winning?

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