Tejasswi’s emotional break down!

We have been witnessing numerous fights in the Bigg Boss 15 house, wherein relationships are being tested time and time again. However, the banter between Tejasswi Prakash and Nishant Bhat in today’s episode came as a shock.

Today in Bigg boss we’ll see Tejasswi breaking down emotionally, accusing Nishant of just making her do all the work and not involving her in any of the decisions. Tejasswi is seen having a conversation with Rajiv Adatia, asking him about the kitchen menu for the upcoming meal. On that, Nishant states that there are beans for now. Tejesswi interrupts and asks Nishant to talk to her about it and that she was talking to Rajiv about it. However, Nishant does not pay heed to what Tejasswi had to say and continues his conversation with Rajiv for deciding on the meal menu. Looking at Nishat’s reaction, Tejasswi feels hurt and asks them why they are not including her in the conversation and just giving orders instead. She walks off from the kitchen with teary eyes, when Nishant replies saying that these tears are not going to work in the Bigg boss’s house.

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