Rajiv’s BIG secret?

Following a power-packed ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ with Rajiv Adatia’s surprise wild card entry, we have a lot of events transpiring that have stirred up the spice in the Bigg Boss house. Shamita, who is known to be Rajiv’s rakhi sister gets to know all about her ‘so-called friend’ Vishal’s manipulation and that he has been deceiving her throughout by playing his game. Shattered Shamita confesses all the doings to Vishal, stating that she never expected this from him. Meanwhile, Rajiv is seen having a heated argument with Ieshaan about his relationship with Miesha. Rajiv argues that he doesn’t believe that Ieshaan and Miesha love each other and that it’s all just a ploy to win the game. Ieshaan tries to clarify his intentions, but Rajiv stays adamant and denies it all.



Today in Bigg Boss we’ll see Karan sharing his game plan with Rajiv, while also asking him to disclose his plans that might stir up the game. On the other hand, Rajiv expresses his displeasure towards Ieshaan to Karan, stating that he has been behaving in-different towards him. However, the conversation insinuates towards a bigger secret. What do you think this could be? Tell us in the comments below!

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