Is Tejasswi ringing Karan’s love alarm?

We are all quite aware of the bond that Tejasswi and Karan have been sharing since a while now. Previously, we saw Karan opening up to Tejasswi about his feelings, confessing that he has grown fond of her over time. He adds saying that it took a lot of courage for him to express his feelings to her as he generally struggles to do so.


In today’s episode we’ll see Karan opening up to Akasa about his feelings for Tejasswi. In a conversation, Akasa is seen teasing Karan, asking him if he likes anyone in the house. Karan responds stating that Akasa already knows who it is and confesses about having a crush on Tejasswi. Karan states that he finds Tejasswi to be cute and adores her humorous nature.


Akasa responds claiming that she thought these feelings were only coming from Tejasswi’s end. Karan clarifies saying that probably Tejaswi does not feel the same. However, Akasa assures Karan of this ‘happening’ and they both go ahead and place a bet on it. Who do you think will win this bet? Do you think Tejasswi feels the same? Is this an intimation of new ‘love’ blooming in the Bigg Boss house?

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