Fights get nasty between Ieshaan Sehgaal and Rajiv Adatia!

Temperatures have been heating up ever since Rajiv entered the Bigg Boss house. Relationships have started severing and quite a few master players are also being exposed. In between all the chaos, we can see Ieshaan and Miesha’s relationship suffering the most with Rajiv’s entry. On multiple occasions we see Rajiv and Ieshaan having tiffs over #Mieshaan’s love bond, wherein Rajiv states that Ieshaan’s parents are not in favour of Miesha and Ieshaan’s relationship.


Tonight, on Bigg Boss we will see the drama between Rajiv and Ieshaan escalating when the former blames Miesha for Ieshaan’s changed behaviour towards him. Rajiv claims that he is very close to Ieshaan and has known him for two years. On that, Ieshaan requests Rajiv to not mix things up and keep both the relationships separately. Furthermore, he clarifies that he is a heterosexual and asks Rajiv to stop making statements that might affect his image. Hearing this, Rajiv gets infuriated and warns Ieshaan to stop instigating him or he will be forced to reveal. How do you think this fight will turn out? What do you think is the big reveal that Rajiv is trying to hide?

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