Contestants compete for their survival!

In today’s episode, we’ll see Bigg Boss announcing a huge punishment for the contestants as they have been disobeying his rules lately and often try to find their way out of the tasks by cancelling them.

In the announcement, Bigg Boss cancels the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task for this week and replaces it with an elimination task. The contestants will therefore start competing for their survival in the house for the finals. The announcement comes as a shock to all the contestants, and they start prepping themselves to compete for their survival in the house.

The task begins with Abhijit Bichukale trying to survive against the brunt of his fellow contestant’s torment. Abhijit must survive the task by staying closed in a box for the said period to get ahead in the game. However, the task gets tricky as the other contestants must try their best to get him out of the box by doing all that is in their power, before the fixed time.

As the task begins, all the contestants start using varied techniques to get him out of the box. While Nishant Bhat tries to pour a mixture of raw eggs on him, Pratik Sehajpal tries to poke him with a stick and Devoleena tries to pour water and create smoke with the help of a frying pan. All these tactics seem to go in vain for Abhijit as he stands strong through it all. However, when Karan threatens Abhijit to tear off his precious ‘Bichukale and Sons box’, the latter gets severely affected and requests him to not be so cruel as it is a matter of his bread and butter. How do you think this will transpire?

Who do you think will get evicted during this week’s survival task?

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