‘Clash of Clans’ in the BB15 house!

The second task of the week ‘Zeher ka Keher’ came in with a big twist, creating major split within the Jungle gang. Vishal as part of the ‘Tiger team’ starts making alliances with Shamita for winning the task, that leads him to the Bigg Boss house. On the other hand, Shamita assures Vishal that she’ll choose his team over others to get onboard to the BB house. As part of this assurance Shamita deliberately starts favouring Vishal’s team during the task, leaving Karan infuriated.

Going forward, we see Karan and Vishal getting into an argument, wherein Karan blames Vishal of being a pretentious friend. Karan also asserts that Vishal betrayed the team by forming an alliance with Shamita and hiding it from the other jungle vaasis. Vishal defends his actions by telling Karan that it’s a game and they’re currently in opposing teams. So, each team needs to play for themselves. Karan challenges Vishal and Shamita and announces that he will win this game and enter the house proudly. Do you think Karan will win the task?

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