BFF’s Devoleena and Rashami lock horns!

As the ‘Ticket to finale’ race begins, differences among the contestants start mounting. Things start turning bitter even between close pals Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee.

In today’s episode, we’ll see BFF’s Devoleena and Rashami getting into a heated argument. Devoleena gets annoyed at Rashami for asking her for clarifications about her decisions made in the house. Seeing this Rashami snaps back saying that the former has side-lined her since the start and accused Devoleena of trying to make new friends in the house. The argument continues with Devoleena including Umar’s name in the conversation which doesn’t go well with Rashami. Devoleena adds further stating that Rashami is trying to play safe and that it’s high time she accepts it. On that, infuriated Rashami asks Devoleena to talk to her directly and not involve Umar in this conversation.

Later, the duo is also seen going against each other’s decisions during the ‘ticket to finale’ task. Meanwhile, Rajiv Adatia is seen losing his calm on all the contestants, including his sister Shamita Shetty and asks everyone to get lost and leave him alone. How do you think this will transpire?

Who do you think will win this ticket to finale?

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