Housemates lash out on Tejasswi Prakash!

While the ‘Ticket to Finale’ race continues to create tiffs between the contestants, the housemates get another reason to argue on, as they find Tejasswi Prakash messing up her kitchen duty.



In today’s episode, we’ll see Devoleena Bhattacharjee getting furious at Tejasswi Prakash for throwing away vegetables that she finds to be in an edible condition. However, the latter loses her calm, explaining that she found fungus in that particular veggie and hence decided to dispose it off. During the conversation, Rakhi enters the kitchen hearing all the noise and enquires about the happening. Devoleena explains Rakhi about the same and clarifies that she does not find it to be stale and that Tejasswi should have asked them before throwing it away. Listening to the facts, Rakhi gets angry and lashes out at Tejasswi stating that ‘Tumlog jaanwar ho’, adding, what she did was wrong on her part. Tejasswi responds by saying that she felt it was stale and so she disposed it off. However, Devoleena interrupts stating that there are three people involved in kitchen duties and that she should have taken a second opinion before disposing it off. Tejasswi replies stating that she is part of the three people performing kitchen duties and she took a decision for it, basis that. Rakhi losses her calm hearing this and announces that if veggies are being thrown away from this house for no reason, then it’s better Bigg Boss doesn’t provide them with any of it henceforth. Tejasswi gets furious hearing this and lashes out at Rakhi stating, ‘Basss!’ What do you think will happen?



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