Vivian Dsena
Vivian Dsena

Age : 24

Gender : Male

About Vivian Dsena :

Vivian Dsena is an Indian model, actor, and voice actor. He is best known for playing the role of Superstar RK in Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon..

Dsena has been cast alongside Drashti Dhami Colors in the show Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon which is a tribute to 100 years of cinema. He plays the role of Superstar Rishabh Kundra aka RK in the show.In 2015 he appeared in Jhalak Dikh La Ja Reloaded and now he is a part of the Khatron ke Khiladi season 7 as a wild card.


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  • Preeto comes to Surbhi's rescue on 'Shakti'

    Preeto comes to Surbhi's rescue on 'Shakti'

    13:22 March 16 2017 from Colors

    Preeto holds Kareena at knifepoint to save Surbhi

    Previously on the show, we saw that Preeto was infuriated at the fact that Surbhi went missing and she blamed Saumya for everything. Harman and Saumya tried pleading with her that they will go and save Surbhi but Preeto refused and told them that they don’t even care about Surbhi. Kareena later discovered that it was Surbhi the Kinnars captured instead of Saumya and shouted at them. She decided to take advantage of the situation. Pre.. Read more

  • Will Preeto succeed in her plans on 'Shakti'?

    Will Preeto succeed in her plans on 'Shakti'?

    17:44 February 23 2017 from Colors

    Preeto devises a plan to bring Harman and Surbhi closer as Saumya plans to visit her mayka

    Preeto has always tried to create a rift between Harman and Saumya but her attempts have always been thwarted by Harman’s growing affection for Saumya. Previously on the show, we saw Saumya trying to make Harman and Surbhi bond by leaving the two alone. Kareena’s attempt to abduct Saumya and bring her back to the Kinnar society failed again as Mallika intervened at the right moment. Preeto asked Saumya to go back to her family .. Read more

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    Relationship goals from our favorite Jodis of COLORS

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