Vivian Dsena
Vivian Dsena

Gender : Male

About Vivian Dsena :

Vivian Dsena is an Indian model, actor, and voice actor. He currently appears in the role of Harman in the show, Shakti.




  • Happy times for Harman and Saumya!

    Happy times for Harman and Saumya!

    17:34 December 24 2018 from Colors

    Harman and Saumya to exchange vows again!

    After a rollercoaster ride for Harman and Saumya, the duo is finally stepping into a phase where happiness awaits them eagerly! Saumya regains her memory which results in both, Harman and Saumya reuniting again. Harman brings Surbhi back home who is also 8 months pregnant. As a surprise to Saumya, Surbhi and Raavi plan a gorgeous white wedding for Harman and Saumya where the two of them take vows again. These vows will have a beautiful touch of t.. Read more

  • A new name. A new life. A new beginning?

    A new name. A new life. A new beginning?

    15:26 August 29 2018 from Colors

    What's next in store for Harman and Saumya?

    This week, a series of new events begin in the life of Harman and Saumya; starting with Saaya seeing a couple of death ceremonies followed by the cops coming and informing the family about Harman’s missing car. Next, we see Harman lying unconscious in the hospital and simultaneously, we see Saumya in the same hospital too. On treating Saumya, the doctor finds out that she is a kinner and wants her to leave the hospital as soon as she gains .. Read more

  • We bet these photos of Rubina will make you drool!

    We bet these photos of Rubina will make you drool!

    18:37 August 27 2018 from Colors

    Hold your hearts for it's going to skip faster than usual after this!

    She’s got a million-dollar smile, looks that could kill and a body that will make you hit the gym right away! Rubina or as famously known Saumya from Shakti is one diva. From her acting abilities to flaunting her looks with great confidence, Rubina gets a grade A in both. We’re very used to seeing her as Saumya who wears a bunch of beautiful sarees, but in reality, Rubina is a lot more than that!   On the occasion of her bi.. Read more




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