Vivian Dsena
Vivian Dsena

Gender : Male

About Vivian Dsena :

Vivian Dsena is an Indian model, actor, and voice actor. He currently appears in the role of Harman in the show, Shakti.


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  • Kareena Gets Arrested On 'Shakti'

    Kareena Gets Arrested On 'Shakti'

    14:44 April 12 2017 from Colors

    Kareena gets arrested by the cops for killing Mallika

    Previously on the show, Harman was seen feeding Saumya with his own hands when Rani and Raveena entered the house and asked Saumya to get food for them. Harman got furious at this and told them to leave the place. Surbhi and Nani were seen praying for Saumya. Kareena arrived with the other kinnars and tried to forcibly enter Saumya’s room. Harman stopped them and Kareena said that the child is part of their family and the rituals sho.. Read more

  • Surbhi snaps at Saumya on 'Shakti'

    Surbhi snaps at Saumya on 'Shakti'

    16:25 March 29 2017 from Colors

    Surbhi gets furious and accuses Saumya of ruining her life!

    Previously on the show, Saumya tried helping Nani by bringing medicines for her ailment. Preeto told Surbhi that she tried her best to stop Saumya but she did not listen. She went on to tell her that Saumya must be trying to gain more affection and praise like she always does. Surbhi snapped at Saumya and told her that she knows she is there because she can’t see Harman with anyone else. She then proceeded to tell her that she sacrif.. Read more

  • Preeto comes to Surbhi's rescue on 'Shakti'

    Preeto comes to Surbhi's rescue on 'Shakti'

    13:22 March 16 2017 from Colors

    Preeto holds Kareena at knifepoint to save Surbhi

    Previously on the show, we saw that Preeto was infuriated at the fact that Surbhi went missing and she blamed Saumya for everything. Harman and Saumya tried pleading with her that they will go and save Surbhi but Preeto refused and told them that they don’t even care about Surbhi. Kareena later discovered that it was Surbhi the Kinnars captured instead of Saumya and shouted at them. She decided to take advantage of the situation. Pre.. Read more




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