Vivian Dsena
Vivian Dsena

Gender : Male

About Vivian Dsena :

Vivian Dsena is an Indian model, actor, and voice actor. He currently appears in the role of Harman in the show, Shakti.


  • Shakti: Harman humiliates Saumya!

    Shakti: Harman humiliates Saumya!

    16:02 March 13 2018 from Colors

    Harman says Saumya can never give him a child.

    Harman’s hatred towards Saumya is only growing day by day. He humiliates her every now and then and makes her realize that she came as the biggest misfortune in his life. He even tells her that she is a kinner and cannot bear a child to complete their family. Saumya’s every attempt to please Harman goes a waste.       Saumya feels shattered after the repeated insults, but at this difficult time Preeto co.. Read more

  • Shakti: Harman regains his full memory!

    Shakti: Harman regains his full memory!

    15:38 March 07 2018 from Colors

    He breaks Saumya's mangalsutra.

    On Shakti this week, Preeto and Surabhi plan to celebrate Saumya’s birthday so that Harman regains his full memory. Preeto invites all the Kinnars and Harak to join the celebration. Harak agrees to attend the party to see Harman’s reaction and him regaining his complete memory.       Everyone wishes Saumya, so does Harman by offering her a flower. In the meanwhile, Preeto explains everyone what they.. Read more

  • Shakti: Harman doesn't recognize Saumya?

    Shakti: Harman doesn't recognize Saumya?

    18:19 March 01 2018 from Colors

    He comes out of the coma.

    This week on Shakti, although Harman comes out of the coma but doesn’t regain his full memory. He recognizes his parents and many others in the family but Saumya.       Saumya breaks down when the doctor declares that Harman would take some more time to fully recover. Surbhi and Nani try to pacify her at that moment.   Harman gets disturbed whenever he sees Saumya’s bangles. Although he d.. Read more




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