Vivian Dsena
Vivian Dsena

Gender : Male

About Vivian Dsena :

Vivian Dsena is an Indian model, actor, and voice actor. He currently appears in the role of Harman in the show, Shakti.




  • Shakti : Some Interesting Facts About Vivian Dsena

    Shakti : Some Interesting Facts About Vivian Dsena

    17:13 May 19 2017 from Colors

    Here are some fun, interesting facts about Vivian Dsena

    Harman from the show ‘Shakti’ is a character we all love and cherish! Vivian Dsena plays the character to perfection. With a strong on-screen presence, the actor really immerses himself in the role and we love every bit of his fun and sweet interactions with the other cast, especially his Gulabo aka Saumya.     We know all there is to know about his character, but did you know these fun and interesting facts about t.. Read more

  • Why Harman And Saumya From 'Shakti' Are The Perfect Jodi!

    Why Harman And Saumya From 'Shakti' Are The Perfect Jodi!

    18:38 May 12 2017 from Colors

    Here's why we think Harman and Saumya from 'Shakti' make the perfect Jodi

    Saumya has had a very troubled past with people treating her like an outcast and her own father trying to take her life. Finding her place in the world surrounded by anger and hate because of who she is made life extremely difficult for her. That was until Harman stepped into her life. Harman’s love for Saumya knows no bounds. He sees her as a human being and is determined to make a good life for her.   The fact that she is a kin.. Read more

  • Kareena Gets Arrested On 'Shakti'

    Kareena Gets Arrested On 'Shakti'

    14:44 April 12 2017 from Colors

    Kareena gets arrested by the cops for killing Mallika

    Previously on the show, Harman was seen feeding Saumya with his own hands when Rani and Raveena entered the house and asked Saumya to get food for them. Harman got furious at this and told them to leave the place. Surbhi and Nani were seen praying for Saumya. Kareena arrived with the other kinnars and tried to forcibly enter Saumya’s room. Harman stopped them and Kareena said that the child is part of their family and the rituals sho.. Read more




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