Surbhi Jyoti
Surbhi Jyoti

Age : 30

Gender : Female

About Surbhi Jyoti :

Our Punjabi kudi Surbhi Jyoti is a renowned television actress with a list of some successful shows in her kitty. Apart from her roles, she has also been awarded as one of the fittest actresses. She is currently playing Bela, an ichchhadhaari naagin in Naagin 3. 



  • Is Bela in trouble?

    Is Bela in trouble?

    14:24 November 24 2018 from Colors

    This week on Naagin 3...

    Vyom barely recovers from his loss of sight and the first thing he sees is that Vikrant is leaving his sister’s room. Vyom becomes very furious and tells everyone in the house about this. Everyone is shocked and angry with him. Andy shouts and asks Yuvi to apologize to Vyom and his family. Mahir, on the other hand, couldn’t stand Yuvi’s behavior and tells him that he should learn to respect women and tells Yuvi to leave the hous.. Read more

  • Will Bela be successful in her mission?

    Will Bela be successful in her mission?

    13:58 November 03 2018 from Colors

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    This weekend on Naagin 3, Bela finds the crystal ring and realizes that this ring is the one that can help her speak with her mother. This makes her suspicious about Vikrant as he had told her earlier that his parents were not alive. Bela follows Paulomi there and asks her to reveal herself.  Will she be able to find out the truth?       Going forward, Bela is pretending to sleep and is waiting for the purple s.. Read more

  • Bela in a fix?

    Bela in a fix?

    17:49 October 26 2018 from Colors

    What's in store for Mahir?

    Previously on Naagin 3, Bela had planned to kill Mahir who as per is the murderer of her mother and the only raavan in her life. Taking a cue from there, on Dussehra, Bela tries to kill Mahir, however, fails in doing so. Later, Bela remembers that her mother was telling her about the person who is trying to cause harm to her. She is unable to tell her the name and so gives her a hint to recognize the person. Will she be able to catch that person .. Read more




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