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The Late Night Show - Jitna Rangeen Utna Sangeen, the new stand-up on COLORS, is uniquely scripted, uncensored and has an unabashed humorous take on happenings of all kinds, across the board. Contemporary and edgy, the show relies on satire of NEWS (including everyone and everything in its comic observations and barbs from politics and politicians to cricketers and bookies gangsters and cops scientists and crazy new inventions weird research and world news world leaders and world beaters for the stand-up routine and the Gags and focuses on really entertaining and funny conversations for the Interview segment which features a host of fake celebs, especially political personalities.

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Change yourself: Sumeet Raghavan #Late night show

Change yourself: Sumeet Raghavan #Late night show

June 5th, 2012

Sumeet Raghavan comments on the society and its changes


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