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Sasural Simar Ka is a story about about a female protagonist named 'Simar', who selflessly does everything for her family's protection, dignity and happiness. During her journey she faces end number of trials that life throws at her. With her strong conviction and faith in Goddess Durga, she sails through everything. Currently Keerti Gaikwad Kelkar is playing the main lead on the show. On this week of Sasural Simar Ka, he upcoming episodes of the supernatural thriller Sasural Simar Ka will witness a major twist Chandramani has created a fake Simar for the family and now she along with the new Simar are on the mission to throw Prerna out of the house. To achieve her master plan, Chandramani starts giving Prerna a drink laced with medication which makes her behave differently. While Prerna tries to reveal to the entire family that she is not the real Simar, Chandramani on the other hand tries convincing the family that Prerna is turning insane. Prerna under the influence of the medicine will start misbehaving with the family which will make the family actually believe that Prerna needs medical attention.

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Valentine's Throwback: Roli and Sid's message to fans #ColorsWalaLove

Valentine's Throwback: Roli and Sid's message to fans #ColorsWalaLove

February 12th, 2016


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