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An impossible love story of two strangers brought together by destiny; Beypanaah is the story of Aditya and Zoya and how they found love in the most hopeless place. After losing their spouses in an accident; Aditya and Zoya discover that their spouses were cheating on them and were together when they died. The world as they knew crashes around them but in that chaos they find each other. A relationship that starts with hate; as they are a constant reminder to each other of what went wrong and yet; hate turns to friendship and friendship turns eventually turns to love. A journey where they both realize that you don't need a "perfect" partner; but two imperfects who fit together that make a perfect relationship. But, Love is not easy when you have been betrayed by love once; and the biggest battle they have to fight with is within themselves, to get over the baggage and find love again. So on one hand it is the story of Adi and Zoya's finding love in each other BUT on the other it is also a story about the betrayals on various fronts and the question that why did Parth and Pooja really die? The mystery around Pooja and Parth's accident will open a lot of can of worms. Was it really an accident? Was in a suicide? OR WAS IT MURDER? And the answers as they start tumbling out will affect Adi and Zoya's life in a way that will keep bringing them together and pushing them apart. When you lose your first love, how do you learn to love again? Will Aditya and Zoya be able to find their perfect "last" love in each other against all odds?

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