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Balika Vadhu is a story which brings some of the ugly practices being carried out in our society still, such as child marriage. The story revolves around the protagonist named Anandi who got married at the age of eleven. Fate takes an ugly turn after years pass by, and her daughter 'Nandini' gets trapped under same circumstances after being kidnapped and forcefully married. Anandi's hunt for Nandini is still on. As per the current plot, Akheraj's last rites are performed at the crematorium. Nimboli finds a locket with Anandi and Shiv's photograph in Mangla's room. Anandi decides to speak to Nimboli but stops herself. Anandi and the family members decide to surprise Shivam and Nimboli. During the birthday celebrations, Shivam yells at Nimboli. The family members are shocked to see Shivam's behaviour.


Spoiler Alert! Kundan gets re-married, not to Nimboli!

Spoiler Alert! Kundan gets re-married, not to Nimboli!

June 25th, 2015

Balika Vadhu Spoiler


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