Shashank Vyas
Shashank Vyas

Age : 31

Gender : Male

About Shashank Vyas :

Shashank Vyas played a significant role in the much-spoken about show Balika Vadhu. After his stint as Jagiya, he is now playing Roopendra Singh Vaghela in Roop. In the show, he is seen working towards changing the way a man is perceived in the society. 




  • A new beginning for Ishika and Roop!

    A new beginning for Ishika and Roop!

    18:01 November 13 2018 from Colors

    But Ranveer has a plan!

    This week on Roop, Kanchan is guilty of what happened and she apologizes to Ishika as she picked Ranveer for her. Ishika is scared and shocked when she finds a wedding invite which has Ranveer and Ishika written on it, however, Roop handles the situation by asking her to burn the card and her fear away. Jamla calls Roop to check whether they’re okay and where they’re staying to which he says that they’re in the Patel house. Post.. Read more

  • Roop and Ranveer get into a fight?

    Roop and Ranveer get into a fight?

    18:20 October 17 2018 from Colors

    Wondering why? All the details are just a click away!

    This week on Roop, we see that Roop has been arrested by Ranveer. He requests Ranveer to release him but Ranveer calls the media to the police station instead. Everyone from the media asks him questions that embarrass Roop. Shamsher enters then and eventually asks the media to leave. He is so angry that he is about to beat him with a stick but Himani holds him back and requests Shamsher to release him by handing him the bail papers. Simultaneousl.. Read more

  • Is Ishika getting married?

    Is Ishika getting married?

    18:38 October 08 2018 from Colors

    Click here to find out more.

    This week, we see a drunk Roop walking on the streets recklessly and is also about to meet with an accident. When Shamsher reaches there, he confronts Roop in front of the villagers. Ranveer, on the other hand, seems happy seeing Roop in this condition. The next morning, an angry Kamla refuses to even look at Roop’s face. Roop apologizes to Shamsher and declares that he is in love with Ishika. Shamsher then asks him to refrain from her and .. Read more




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