Will Bhoomi prove to be Lakshmi?

 May 2nd, 2013

  • If Bhoomi thought that she could breathe a sigh of relief now that Bharti has left, she was mistaken. Ansu Baa has decided not to give any respite to her newest bahu, and has sprung another challenge on her. This challenge will determine if Bhoomi has the qualities of Goddess Lakshmi, i.e., if she can manage money matters like a perfect housewife. The task? Manage the entire expenses of the house for one day with a sum of Rs.500.

  • This task will definitely be difficult for Bhoomi, who has been spending dollars all her life. And to manage an entire joint family's spending in a few dollars will definitely take some brain racking on her side. 

  • And making this task more difficult will be Ketki and Avni. The duo, who is dead set against Bhoomi, will try their best to ensure that Bhoomi exceeds her budget and fails in Ansu Baa's task. And to do this, they will rack up extra expenditure whenever they can. 

  • Now it remains to be seen if Bhoomi will cross these obstacles and complete the task with some money to spare, or fail and be ridiculed by Baa again. 

  • But one thing that Bhoomi can be sure of is Kishan's support. Kishan, as usual, will not only encourage Bhoomi, but also rush to her rescue whenever she faces a problem.  So with Kishan on her side, Bhoomi's chances of proving to be a GrihaLakshmi certainly seem bright. Keep watching this space to know the outcome of this face-off!

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