Why Kunal and Siddhi should get back!

 September 17th, 2012

  • Kunal and Sisshi are the most loved on-screen couple on television. After going through the rough weather, there is still some hope that both will get back together. If they are looking for reasons... Here are few very strong ones!

  • Kunal & Siddhi still love each other. Kunal is still very posessive about her and couldn't bear the sight of she being next to Abhay. On the other hand, Siddhi is still concerned about Kunal and kept thinking about him throughout the night after their confrontation.

  • They got separated because of mis-understanding and not because they fell out of love. Kunal was unaware of Siddhi's whereabouts, while Siddhi thought Kunal got married to Richa.

  • Siddhi and Kunal have two kids together and it will be unfair to the kids to be devoid of any of the two's love.

  • If Kunal and Siddhi don't come together then Richa will get her way into the Chopra family and Kunal will have to live in desolation.

  • Kunal, who is depressed and has turned towards heavy drinking can only find solace in Siddhi's arms. Just go down the memory lane, there was so much passion, trust and selfless love between the two!

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