What's the deal? #Day 72, Recap

 December 19th, 2012

  • All geared up to be ‘chors’ and play their parts to perfection - Sapna, Niketan and Imam are seen strategizing. Imam tells the two that he has stolen Vishal’s personal things and that they can make money out of it. Watch as they plan to rob their housemates!

  • Sapna tries to go and talk to Imam, but Rajev asks her to stop. Sapna tells him that Imam hasn’t had breakfast and that Sapna will pass some breakfast to him, which again Rajev denies. Sapna then strategizes with Niketan that she will go out and rob in open, and the police will have no other option but to put her behind the bars and release Imam. Watch Sapna's attempt to get arrested right here!

  • Sapna sets up her own Chor Bazaar in the Bigg Boss Hosue and sells the stolen goods. Check out this Chor Bazaari done by her!

  • Urvashi is seen asking for drinking water from Aam Aadmis when they reply saying that the police can always come in and fetch the water for themselves. Urvashi loses her cool at this and tells them that they have been guarding the entire luggage in the house whole night long and she thought this answer was rude and uncalled for. Aashka tries explaining her stance, but Urvashi refuses to listen. Watch them argue in the video.

  • Offended by Aam Aadmi's treatment, Urvashi decides to striek her ow ndeal with Chor Imam. Watch what deal they struck right here!

  • Rajev was seen picking on Karishma as she passed him an apple when he asked for one, but she couldn’t give them water, when they actually needed it. Karishma breaks down and tells Delnaz that she should have spoken up saying she had asked Karishma to pass the apple.  Watch how Karishma was left in tears in this video.

  • Imam tries to instigate Visha lby commenting on his body shape and launguage and when Visha ldoesn't take him seriously and rahter laughs on him, Imam loses his cool. Watch how  Imam threatened Vishal to break his head!

  • yet again, Imam picks up an argument with Delnaaz over the joke. He still  believes that the joke is on him while Delnaaz repeatedly tried to justify that it wasn't. Watch Imam argue with Delnaaz in this video.

  • Bigg Boss announced that one of the rooms of the house will be shut forever making all the contestants stay together in one room.  Watch to find out who will sleep with whom!

  • Bigg Boss soon announced that the luxury budget task has ended and Aam Aadmi emerge victorious! Watch as Aashka and imam raid the grocery store!

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