What will they ask from Ganpati Bappa?

 September 18th, 2012

  • So Ganpati bappa is here and as all of us know, he is the God that everyone goes to for fulfilling their wishes. So here is our take on what our Colors characters will wish for from Ganpati Bappa

  • Anandi will ask for Clarity Anandi is in a classic girl dilemma. Two men are in love with her and she doesn't know who to choose. But in this case, one man is her ex-husband. So Anandi will most likely pray for some clarity on whom she should marry. We, too, are praying that you take the right decision Anandi.

  • Jagya will ask for Forgiveness While Anandi is in a fix, Jagya is feeling rejected. So he must be praying for forgiveness from Bappa, and a prayer that his family will forget all his bad deeds and accept him as their son. We're not too sure that will happen though.

  • Kunal will ask for Siddhi Kunal has everything- a loving family, an ideal son and a potential career. All that is missing from his life is Siddhi. So we think Kunal will ask for Siddhi to come back to his life. We find the fact that he still misses Siddhi very cute.

  • Mohan and Megha will ask for Good Fortune Mohan and Megha have had a string of bad fortune since the beginning. First the opposition from families, Addu's hatred for Mohan, then Riddhima and now the worst of all-the horrible accident. So now that Mohan and Megha have each other, all they need from Ganpati Bappa is some good fortune, so they can live happily ever after.

  • Meethi will ask for her family Meethi's only bane till now has been not knowing her parents. First, she didn't know if her mother was alive or not. And now that Ichha has entered her life, she is still clueless about her father. So her wish will be to have her complete family with her for once.

  • Ambi will ask for strength Ambi might have finally gotten marital bliss when Anuj confessed his love for her,but Imarti Devi is still upto her tricks. So Amdi, or all the bahus of ImartiDevi, would wish for strength to face Imarti Devi and her sneaky ways. We wishthem luck too!

  • Simar will ask for Bappa's blessings With Khushi playing her trump card and being pregnant with Prem and Simar's child,the only wish that Simar will have right now is the well-being of her child. Shehas already lost 1 baby and with Khushi's vile intentions, it will need GanpatiBappa's blessings to keep her baby safe and sound.

  • Aditi wants vengeance All was fine in Aditi and Kabir's life, when she was suddenly and cruelly bumpedoff by Ija. Aditi's spirit is trying her best to make Ija pay for her deeds, andMata Rani is helping her in this. But we're sure that Aditi would wish forretribution for Ija's attack on her family.

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