Welcome to Bigg Boss House No.2!

 November 16th, 2012

  • Since Bigg Boss started, we're sure that you now know the Bigg Boss house by heart. But now, our housemates have some new neighbours! That's right, there is a SECOND Bigg Boss house! Click on to get a tour...

    The Bigg Boss House!
  • This is the entrance of the new house. As you can see, these rustic wooden doors are a far cry from the glass doors of the original Bigg Boss house. The rugged feels starts at the entrance itself!

  • This is a well to rival the hand pump in the Bigg Boss house. It has an attached pulley and bucket to get water out from the well. And no, it is not just for show...the housemates will actually have to use the well water to do all their washing!

    Well Well!
  • This is the area where the housemates will get to relax after a long tiring day. It looks like a typical village set up. with lanterns and mud benches.

    Chill zone, rural style!
  • This is the bedroom of the 'padosi' house. If you're thinking that it is incompletely furnished, then you're mistaken. The housemates will have to sleep on these beds without mattresses and sit on the chatais on the floor. And did we mention, there will be no air-conditioning?

    The bedroom
  • This is the dining table of the housemates! Bang in the middle of the the bedroom, is the table where people will sit down (literally!) and have their meals.

    Dine with me
  • Speaking of meals, this is where they will be cooked. And it is a perfect replica of a village kitchen. In place of a swanky platform, is a primitive stove set up in front of which the housemates will sit to cook the food. We see many fights happening over this area!

    Kitchen area
  • This is the state of the art storage space. No, we're just kidding. This is a mud shelf where the housemates can keep their belongings in full view of this. With no other option, the housemates will have to do with this facility.

    Storage space
  • The house is dotted with such handicraft art pieces and traditional wall paintings that give the house a really old world feel. Notice the lantern, that is typical of villages all over India?

    Traditional feel
  • This is the house's water cooling system. The housemates will have to make do without a refrigerator, oven, and even mugs! The water will be cooled in matkas, and the housemates will drink from 'kulhads'. There are also some handy sandooks (trunks) providing more storage space.

  • And this is the Confession room of the padosi house. Completely in contrast with the futuristic confession room of the Bigg Boss house, this looks like a small hut in some remote village. But we're sure that the confessions in here will be just as scandalous!

    Confession room
  • Here is the TV that Salman will use to talk to the housemates. It is not as imposing as the one in the Bigg Boss house, but it will be fun for the housemates to gather around and talk to Salman. Also, there are over 15 cameras spread out across the house so that you don't miss any of the action!

    Salman's communication system
  • So the doors of this Bigg Boss padosi house will be thrown open to the housemates soon...and it will be fascinating to see them struggle with a house with no amenities, but plenty of cameras. Let us know what you think of the house!

    The door

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