War of turfs #Day 56, Recap

 December 4th, 2012

  • Housemates wake up an are immediately asked to do a task. Both the teams are to fight for owning the bathroom. Representing Red team was Nirahua and from Blue Team was Sapna.

  • Bigg Boss presented the mwith thr diretiest bathroom ever and the person who would clean it till it sparkles would win over the space. Sapna and Nirahua got their hands dirty and scrubbed till they could see their reflection! Watch the mdo the dirty deed here!

  • Nirahua emerged victorious out of thsi challeneg and the Red Team now owns the bathroom

  • Both the teams have to have now mark their space with their respective flags and guard their turf at all costs. And both the teams can steal the space by changing flags and in the end the team with the most space wins!

  • Next challenge was to win over kitchen. So Aashka from Red Team and Mink from Blue team had to prepare one dish with eggs and make it as the most unedible dish possible! Then the dish made by Mink was fed to Santosh and Aashka's to Sana. While Santosh managed to finish one omelette but he puked before he could have another. But it was Sana who had the foul dish without hesitating a bit!  Watch this video and see if it leaves a sour taste in your mouth! 

  • Santosh complains to Vrajesh that Aashka didn't make a foul tasting omelette considering she had to feed it to Sana. Vrajesh tries to sort the matter but Imam comes in and adds more mirch masala to the story, upsetting Santosh more. 

  • Nirahua sneaks in to Blue team area with the intention of changing the flag with theirs but is caught on time. 

  • The last challenge was up for the garden area and this called for a tug of war! Rajev and Niketan from team Blue and Vishal and Santosh from team Blue participated and the rope had to be pulled over the pool Needless to say, Vishal and Santosh won hands down and poor Rajev was found in the pool! Watch this funny task here!

  • Urvashi finds an opportunity and steals the red flag and gives it to Sapna to hide it in girls' room. Nirahua understands that Blue team has taken it and assk for it back considering the rules don't suggest that the flag can be hidden.

  • Aashka complaisn to Santosh that she doesn't like him being touchy with her. He has Rohit and parents watching the show and she doesn't want her image to get spoiled in front of them. Santosh tries to apologise but seeing Aashka so upset he decides to not to talk to her much. Watch this conversation right here!

  • Rajev and Sana are seen doing their night duty and Imam sitting at his post insists that he would willingly sit all night. rajev doesn't like and is talking to Delnaaz about the same when Imam tries to put hsi point. This pisses off Rajev and he starts yelling at Imam to shut up! Only when housemates intervene that Rajev cools down and backs off. Watch all the drama here! 

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