Valentines forever: Mohan and Megha

 February 13th, 2013

  • The second season of Na Bole Tum has heartbreakingly seen the separation of Megha and Mohan. But this Valentines Day, we tell you why they still deserve another chance at love.

  • They are destined to be together Mohan and Megha, inspite of being poles apart, were determined to make it work. They have surpassed obstacles like their families’ resistance, and a near fatal accident to be together. For this reason alone, they need a second chance at togetherness.

  • They’re separated for no fault of theirs Addu’s disappearance was the trigger that separated Mohan and Megha. But now we know that Addu was kidnapped, and didn’t run away because of Mohan. So we think that Mohan should stop paying for a crime he didn’t commit.

  • Mohan still loves Megha Mohan has proclaimed time and again that Megha is the only love of his life. His promise of finding Addu is the only thing that keeps him away from Megha. And when Rimjhim asks about her mother, Mohan can only think of describing Megha.

  • Megha has not forgotten Mohan She keeps asking Nanhi to forget Mohan and move on. But even Megha has her weak moments, in which she misses Mohan and wants him back in her life. 

  • Fate keeps bringing them closer Despite their best efforts, Megha and Mohan’s paths have crossed more than once. Mohan came back to Indore, and Rimjhim got admitted to the same school where Megha got a job. Nanhi too, is working under Mohan in Awaaz India. This is what we call a ‘karmic connection’. 

  • They have the same aim in life After Addu’s disappearance, Mohan and Megha both have spent the better part of their time looking for him. While Megha and Mohan both follow-up regularly with the police, Mohan has also launched ‘Project Talaash’ to find Addu. 

  • The couple still has a connection Ever noticed how Mohan and Megha feel each others’ presence when they’re in the same place? Whenever their paths cross, like they did at Indore station and Rimjhim’s school, their eyes search for each other. Even after 12 years, their connection is just as strong. 

  • Mohan and Nanhi need to reconcile 12 years ago, Nanhi was the biggest fan and supporter of her Spiderman. But now she not only hates him, but also blames him for Addu’s disappearance. When Megha and Mohan get together, it will also mean a happy and much needed reconciliation between Nanhi and Mohan.

  • We love seeing them together Mohan and Megha are one of the best couples on television today. Their flashbacks show the love and happiness that they share together, and even today they dream about being together. And we think this dream should turn into reality.    Tell us your reasons why you think Megha and Mohan are the best Valentines for each other in the comments section below. 

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