The war is on! #Recap,Bigg Boss Day 30

 November 7th, 2012

  • The day began with Sapna discussing with Niketan and Rajev about how people were giving excuses for not doing their night duties and some people had to slog more. Urvashi said that she should talk to the right people and not making sweeping statements.

  • After the march past and military tasks, everyone was exhausted and couldn't move. The only person who was bouncing around the house was Vrajesh, who was barred from the task. He also presented a sarcastic monologue to the camera. Great energy Vrajesh!

  • Next came the wrestling task. In this picture, it might look like Niketan has the upper hand, but in the end, Rajev got Niketan flat on the ground and won the round.

  • Next in the wrestling ring were Mink and Sana. Though Sana tried her best, she was not match for Punjabi kudi Mink, who flattened her in no time! Watch the girls wrestle here!

  • Later, Bigg Boss called Sidhu in the confession room and asked him to choose his 3 best jawans. Sidhu chose Rajev, Urvashi and Niketan, and then briefed them about the mysterious task that they were about to do.

  • The army jawans were sitting around when Mink pounced on Rajev (figuratively) and told him off about asking her constantly about what the outside world thought of him. Rajev tried to defend himself, but Mink stormed off, and shed tears in the garden area in front of Vrajesh.

  • Vrajesh tried talking to Mink, when Aashka stopped Vrajesh from talking to Mink as he had been punished and wasn't allowed to talk to anyone. Vrajesh asked her not to interfere in his matters when she wasn't even part of the task. Aashka, extremely upset, stormed off and asked Sidhu to control Vrajesh.

  • Bigg Boss then announced that there would be a rebel army headed by Vrajesh whose mission would be to put gulal on Major Sidhu's face before the next afternoon. Urvashi, Rajev and Niketan would protect him.

  • When Sidhu's team was chalking up a strategy to save themsselves from a colourful defeat, Delnaaz came in. Rajev, on the pretext of capturing a rival jawan, chased her all over the bathroom and clutched her. Delnaaz saved herself and ran out, much to everyone's amusement

  • Delnaaz started teasing Urvashi from across the glass. Sapna went a few steps ahead and pulled Urvashi's leg with a few umm...tapori steps. Urvashi was amused at first, but later created a scene over her vulgar actions, prompting Sapna to ask her to 'lighten up.

  • The rebels tried to lure Sidhu's team out with a dance. When it failed, the gang of girls tried to seduce Niketan (all in good humour of course). The girls failed, and their trump card Vrajesh too, tried his best. And the picture makes it pretty clear that they failed!

  • Sidhu then unleashed 'Rajevman', with his superpowers of touching. He immediately succeeded in scattering the girls away by chasing them, reserving some special treatment for Delnaaz. All this was too much for the rebels, who declared that the game would not be physical.

  • After asking Niketan to nominate him, Vrajesh talked to Delnaaz and Aashka in the washroom about nominating him. While the girls felt that he was over reacting, Vrajesh explained that he felt suffocated in the house, and it was a waste of his time.

  • The day ended with Urvashi whispering to Aashka that she thought Vrajesh was faking the fact that he wanted to leave the house. Even Aashka said that nothing would influence her nominations. Unaware of all this, Vrajesh was busy making plans to win in the task against Sidhu.

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