The most emotional episode this season!#Day 60, Recap

 December 7th, 2012

  • The day began with a surprising scene, as Imam invited his padosi house victim Aashka to dance with him on the wake up song, and she willingly obliged and danced along with him.

  • Later, Rajev was heard warning Sana about Vishal and his sneaky ways. Rajev also demonstrated how Vishal's PDA was spoiling Sana's image in the house.

  • Because of Rajev's talk, Sana became cold towards Vishal. And he smartly guessed that it was because of Rajev. Even after a lot of prodding and questioning by Vishal, Sana didn't divulge any details about what Rajev said, insisting that they would talk later.

  • Imam asked Karishma if she would do his mopping for him. And that was it. All the girls ganged up against Imam about not interfering in their given areas of work. Poor Imam didn't know what hit him!

  • But it didn't end at that. After a break, Imam came back and started talking about the same topic, and this time Rajev and Niketan joined the girls in making Imam shut up. When Imam warned Niketan not to scream at him, Niketan yelled 'IMAM'! and earned applause from the housemates.

  • In the garden area, Vishal and Rajev had a small 'man-to-man' talk about Sana acting distant to Vishal after Rajev's talk. Rajev convinced Vishal that he was a well-wisher and that he had nothing against them being friends.

  • Wondering why all the housemates look like wax figures? This is because Bigg Boss announced a task where the housemates would have to freeze as soon as they heard the buzzer and would be released only on Bigg Boss' command. Good fun!

  • But the next time the housemates were frozen, in walked Delnaaz's brother, Bakhtiyaar. He kissed his sister loads of times, told her to start retaliating and then got down to taunting everyone who had hurt his sister, that is Urvashi, Mink and Rajev.

  • Bakhtiyaar saved the choicest taunts for Rajev, who he thought was faking his affection for Delnaaz on the show while cosying up to other girls. He also demanded to know when he had tried to get back to Delnaaz. 

  • As soon as Bakhtiyaar left, Delnaaz broke down with happiness and shock, and clutched her best friends. Rajev soon arrived, wanting to clear all the accusations that Bakhtiyaar had laid on him. 

  • As Delnaaz wanted Rajev to leave her alone for a while, Imam stepped in and asked Rajev to back off. But it had the opposite, and Rajev screamed at him to get out of his business! He also threatened him that next time Imam interferes, he would be physically thrown out by Rajev.

  • Rajev then broke down uncontrollably in front of Aashka, claiming that all the accusations laid on him were false and that he sang romantic songs for girls only for entertainment. Aashka asked him to talk to Delnaaz when both of them calm.

  • It looked like a bad day for Imam. When he went up to console Urvashi over her family being dragged in the mess by Bakhtiyaar, Urvashi yelled at him asking him to keep his thoughts to himself. Even Rajev gave him a final warning over meddling in his business. This was too much for Imam to handle and he broke down!

  • The housemates were 'statued' in the bedroom when Urvashi's sons, Kshitij and Sagar entered. Urvashi, being a dedicated statue, shed loads of tears but didnt move. After a torturous wait, Bigg Boss released them and Urvashi hugged her sons and cried to her heart's content.

  • But the most heart-rending part came when Bigg Boss 'Statued' the house just as Urvashi's sons were leaving. She had to freeze in the middle of her good-byes, and her sons left, leaving their mother's hand hanging in the air. Sob!

  • Rajev was still determined to clear things out with Delnaaz. But he was shocked when she agreed with her brother about Rajev never making any efforts to get her back. She also pleaded with him (again!) about moving on from the broken marriage and be just good friends.

  • After Delnaaz and Urvashi, it was Sapna's turn to be surprised as her salon staff came in to meet her. They jumped on her on the bed and yelled about how they missed her, but Sapna couldn't move a muscle, because Bigg Boss had frozen them, yet again! 

  • The reason why Sapna is giving Dinesh such a stunned look is because he just won 10 grams of gold! In the Britannia Heart of Gold task, the housemates had to nominate 1 member who they thought had a heart of gold. Dinesh got the most votes, thus winning him the bumper prize!

  • After this emotionally draining day, the housemates went to sleep, exhausted and with the sword of multiple evictions hanging over their heads at night!

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