The many moods of Atif Aslam

 September 13th, 2012

  • Now we know that Atif Aslam is a great singer and has been a part of showbiz for a long time. But what surprised us is that he is very expressive, which makes us think that he has a bright career in acting ahead of him. Don't believe us? Click on to see for yourself.

  • Here is Atif Aslam doing what he does best, stopping hearts with his smile. Here he is singing the dreamy song 'Pehli Nazar'. And we can tell that he is completely one with the mood of the song.

  • Wondering what caused Atif to make this umm..interesting face? Well, no prize for guessing, it's rival captain Himesh Reshammmiya's name. When Ayesha Takia asked him if he felt nervous about competing with the Indian team, this expression was his reply.

  • You can't really see all of his face in this one, but the respect and affection that Atif has for Ghulam Ali is completely evident in this picture. One of the greatest singers in Pakistan with the young heart throb Atif. That's one frameable picture.

  • Atif is pretty much the captain with the hawk eyes. Or should we say ears. Here is Atif playing close attention to one of his contestant's performance. With that kind of focus, it sure was difficult for any of the singers to miss a note.

  • You know you've done well when your captain sits up and takes notice. Atif here applauds Mulazim's performance. And do you see the smug satisfied smile on his face?

  • Raised eyebrows, cocky expression. Atif is surely up for a challenge. Ayesha Takia asked him if his contestants could compete with the Indian singers, Atif, with this expression, said that they would indeed give some tough competition. Warming up for the battle, Atif?

  • That Atif has goof taste in music is obvious. In SurKshetra, he is not just a captain but a connoisseur too. When some of his contestants sang really well, Atif just sat back and enjoyed the music.

  • Atif, ever the protective captain, stood up to get a closer look at Nadeem Abbas' performance and listened intently. Though Atif proclaimed that Nadeem was one of his favourites, Atif getting up and joining Nadeem on stage was definitely a surprise.

  • This is Atif in 'Aal is Well' mode. Atif was asked after a not so good performance if the pressure was building on him. And pat came the reply, "We are not the kind to feel pressure." Only time will tell.

  • This was one of the few times when Atif laughed whole heartedly on the show. Ayesha Takia requested Hadiqa Kiani and Atif for a duet, but Hadiqa asked in turn 'What would they get from India?' Later she corrected herself and pointing at Atif, said 'India par bhi to yahi chhaye hue hai!'  This sudden compliment is the reason behind Atif's blush. Cute!

  • After a tiring round of judging, Atif finally got his team. Here he is seen hugging Mulazim after his selection, and we like how he is giving out an elder-brotherly vibe. 

  • After getting a good team to pitch against India, Atif has a confident smile as he challenges India 'Here We Come!'

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