The 'Jhakaas' Pre-Finale!: #SurKshetra Episode 29 Recap

 December 27th, 2012

  • The theme of the episode was 'Contestant's Favourite Song'. With the Grand Finale just a week away, the most apt song for the last Pre-finale was 'Aaj Ki Raat'. And Ashaji got together with the finalists to sing the song, setting the mood for the evening. Watch the performance here.

  • Anil Kapoor was the special guest for this episode, and he came in and gave some valuable advice to the finalists. At the jury's insistence, he also willingly sang 'One-Two-Ka-Four'. Bitten by the music bug, eh?

  • This was one of the rare times that Shikari Yashraaj faltered. He sang 'Mitwa', but Atif and the jury both found many mistakes in his rendition. Only Ashaji was generous enough to give him a 10, which was a big blow for him. Watch Yashraaj's performance here.

  • Mulazim tried his best to sing the soulful 'De Dil Luteya' but failed to set the right mood. The jury and Himesh both panned the performance, with Ashaji saying that the pressure was evident in the hurried way that he sang. Consequently, he scored a zero. Watch Mulazim's performance here.

  • Budhaditya banked on his strong point- melodious songs when he sang 'Mora Saiyyan'. But he failed to create magic as the jury thought that his 'sur' were pretty faulty throughout the song. Budhaditya got a 0 for this song, putting his future in jeopardy. Watch Budhaditya's performance here.

  • Since all the performances till now were disappointing, Ayesha requested Anil to cheer up the contestants by saying 'Jhakaas!' in his trademark style. Anil relented, and said 'Jhakaas' both for the jury and the singers. 

  • And Anil's magic worked! Nabeel, who sang 'Soniyo', got a standing ovation for his flawless performance. Atif said that Nabeel was getting better by the day, and Ashaji gave him the title of 'Khatra-e-Hind'. And Nabeel became the first contestant of the day to score a perfect 30! Missed his awesome performance? Watch it here.

  • The ever bankable Diljaan did it once again as he sang 'Rabba Mere', a song right up his comfort zone. His soulful singing made Anil Kapoor get to his feet and applaud, apart from a standing ovation from the jury. An impressed Himesh promised to make him a star after the show. Watch Diljaan's perfrct 30 performance here.

  • There was a surprise in store when it came to announcing the last 'Singer of the Day' before the Grand Finale. The jury decided that Nabeel and Diljaan both deserved the trophy, and both singers walked away with 5 bonus points each!

  • But as decided, only the top 4 contenders could go to the Finals. Sara, who hadn't performed for 2 episodes, and Budhaditya, the lowest scorer on India's side, had to be let go by both the Captains. 

  • The episode ended with the 4 finalists singing 'I'm the Best', laying their claim to the SurKshetra crown. Now the fate of these 4 finalists will be revealed in the Grand Finale, so don't miss it!

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