The Blockbuster couple! #Madhubala

 February 13th, 2013

  • Even though our favorite filmy couple has parted ways and that too on a very tragic note, we couldn’t help but think of good reasons to bring the two together for this Valentine’s.  Here are some reason we have jotted down stating why RK-Madhu are just perfect for each other.  Not that we need a reason, but still!

  • The basic core of RK-Madhu’s relationship has always been the intense arrogance they both have individually. So while RK will act stubborn and make his Biwi do things according to him, Madhu is no less and will always be a step ahead of him. Their stubbornness usually puts them in a predicament and they end up doing cute things for each other. Like, in Padmini’s sangeet when they challenged each other to say I Love you first! 

  • Now we all know that these two make a hot pair but RK’s habit of flaunting his Superstar persona against Madhu’s somber demeanor make them look very much in contrast, and very apt for each other. Like they say, opposites attract!

  • When Madhu was head-over-heels in love with RK, she didn’t realize she was literally swooning for him. RK made her blush every time he came in front of her and soon he became her weakness. Remember the time when Madhu danced with RK in a dream sequence? But obviously this wasn’t one-sided and we saw RK too holding on to her in times of despair and behaving civil with family, that is with Kuku Bhatia family, on Madhu’s insistence.

  • Since there is so much of love, romance and intense feelings involved in this relationship, this duo was expected to act mushy at all times like usual couples. But it’s actually quite opposite! RK-Madhu are seen making fun of each other and while RK acts filmy and delivers heavy dialogues, Madhu too gives the perfect comeback to it and shuts him up well. Let’s take a look at one such example when Madhu made fun of RK’s dhoti attire. 

  • Stubbornness, fun, filmy romance all this is okay but what really makes them the best couple in town is their immense trust on each other, especially Madhu’s on RK. When Balraj had almost hanged her to death, her blind faith in RK is what kept her alive as our hero made a thrilling entry into the scene and saved his heroine at the nick of time. Wish, RK would have placed the same trust on Madhu and we could now be witnessing some larger than life valentine’s sequence! 

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