Team Sanchi VS Team Ganga

 July 2nd, 2013

  • Sanchi has confessed to her family about her feelings for Jagya. Ganga’s love and admiration for Jagya is very evident from her behaviour and even Jagya seems to be little inclined towards her. So now in this scenario who will back Sanchi and who will be on Ganga’s side. Lets have a look at Team Sanchi and Team Ganga.

  • SHIV: As a brother he will be with his sister Sanchi. Though he doesn’t approve of this relationship but for his only sister’s happiness he will support her and her decision.

  • IRA: Ira is against Sanchi’s decision. But being a mother she wishes all the happiness for her daughter and her daughter’s happiness is in getting married to Jagya. 

  • DADDU: The eldest member of the family loves his grand daughter and he was the one who convinced everyone to think about Sanchi’s decision positively. Sanchi definitely has his support.

  • MEENU : Sanchi’s bua is close to Sanchi and one of the strong opiniated member of the family. Her oinions really matter in the family and being close to Sanchi she would be in team Sanchi and give her full support.

  • SUMITRA: Sanchi have support from badi haveli as well. Sumitra likes Sanchi and dislikes Ganga. Sumitra is very impressed with sanchi and what she did for Jagya when he wasn’t well. Sumitra’s support for Sanchi can be very crucial as she being Jagya’s mother can influence Jagya’s decision to a great extend.

  • DADISA: Dadisa loves Ganga. Dadisa with her behavior has often showed  that how much she is fond of Ganga. Ganga has a major support in Dadisa.

  • BHAIRO: Bhairo will definitly be in favor of Ganga. He thinks of Ganga as a responsible girl. Bhairo also respects her for being strong and courageous in extreme circumstances.

  • ANANDI: Anandi would definitely support Ganga as she knows Ganga well also she knows that Ganga will be the perfect choice for Jagya. But Anandi might not go against her own family by going against Sanchi.

  • Both teams have people who can play a very important role in Jagya’s decision. So who will Jagya choose eventually? Will the opinion of others influence Jagya’s decision? What do you think about this please write in your comments below.

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