Task turns house into a wrestling ring!#Day 58, Recap

 December 5th, 2012

  • Imam, the early riser, hid the Red Team's flag in the bathroom to end their rule over the bathroom. But Dinesh caught Imam in the act, and replaced the flag with another one. Smart!

  • The Red Team was very angry with Imam for his cheap tricks with the flag. Vrajesh, Dinesh and Aashka retrieved the flag from its hiding place but decided not to allow Imam into the bathroom. On the other hand, Imam was unaffected by his all-round criticism!

  • Here you can see Imam asking Red Team's permission to go to the bathroom. They initially refused to give him the pass, which lead to a disgustingly funny conversation. But Vishal finally relented after Imam asked for forgiveness. 

  • Bigg Boss announced that whoever placed their flag in the rival territory would win the luxury task. Hearing this, Niketan planned that he and Mink would run to change the flag when the Blue Team was having their lunch, to catch them unawares!

  • As per the plan, Niketan and Mink made a dash for the flag when the Red Team was eating. But the Red boys overtook them and there was a small scuffle.Niketan made a second attempt  to change the bathroom flag, and soon the task turned into a wrestling ring, with Aashka falling down and 4 guys pinning Niketan down!

  • As expected, both teams blamed the other for the violence. Niketan, Santosh and Aashka were hurt in the scuffle. Santosh hurled abuses at Niketan and Mink for playing dirty, while the Blue Team were inside, cursing the Red Team's violent means.

  • The Red Team decided to play hard-to-get by refusing to eat owing to their self respect. Sana, Imam and Delnaaz came out to show their concern but they were rudely shooed off. Delnaaz begged them to eat but the Red Team were adamant.

  • Now it was the Red Team's turn to apologize. Santosh told Mink that he hurled abuses at the situation and not at her and blamed it on his anger. But Mink was convinced that the 'gaalis' were meant for her and cried in front of her team. She decided that her next task would be to ignore the Red Team!

  • Bigg Boss cleared the confusion by announcing that Niketan had just removed the Blue flag but not put up the Red flag, so the task was still on. None of the housemates seemed too excited to carry out the task after the fight.

  • The mood in the Red camp lightened a bit when Sana came and asked for a bathroom pass. They refused to let her go in till she danced for them. And an embarrassed Sana had no option but to do a chicken dance for her rivals!

  • The lights went off which meant that the deadline for the task was over. Sana and Vishal seemed happy about the darkness as they got the chance to have an intense conversation and clear their misunderstanding. They even made a promise to never hold any grudges against each other. Cute!

  • See those two figures in the dark? That's Sana and Vishal kissing and patching up. After days of not speaking to each other, they went back to their old friendship and sealed it with a peck on the cheek. Finally something good came out of the day of fights!

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