Super Saturday with Salman and Khiladi 786! #Day 62, Recap

 December 8th, 2012

  • The Super Saturday begins with Salman's super performance on Dhinka Chika!

  • The original Khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar, graced the sets of Bigg Boss.

  • If you come on Salman's set you have to dance to Dabbang and so did our guest for the night! Watch the duo perform right here!

  • Bigg Boss gives a task to the housemates to find One Lac Rupees in the House, hidden by someone among them only. Everyone suspects it to be Imam, are they right?

  • Of course, it was Imam only who had hidden the money in a tissue box! Mink finds the cash and becoems Sabse Badi Khiladi in Bigg Boss House! Watch them play the task here!

  • Salman and Akki enter the House and ask each to nominate the biggest Khiladi and Ananri i nthe House. By majority, Imam wins the title of Khiladi and Rajev wins the title of Anari! Salman then made the dance to the popular tune and Imam there too stole the show! Watch this hilarious performance right here! 

  • Akki then presents Mink with One Lac Rupees cash and asks her who she thinks is the biggest Khiladi in the House, she says Delnaaz. 

  • The lovely Asin entrs the House on the song Hukkah Bar! 

  • Asin's sur name in the movie Khiladi 786 is Tendulkar as she plays a Maharashtrian girl. Salman tries to pull her leg and asks her to say a line in Marathi and she gives it back and how! she says his dialogue "Ek Baar jo maine commitment kar di" in Marathi! Watch now!

  • Salman asks Asin to choose who's the better co-star and she asks them both to compete. The duo then dance on the popular song "Mujhse Shaadi Karogi". You can watch it here now!

  • Salman asks Asin her favorite song from the movie and says his is Lonely. Now it was impossible that they wouldn't sing this song and considering it's Himesh, the song has to be sung in his style! Watch them do a Himesh right here!

  • akki and Asin get to sit on Bigg Boss' seat and they both give advice for Vishal and Santosh. Watch what they had to say!

  • The evictees, Mink and Vrajesh, join Salman on stage and talk about their experience in the Bigg Boss House. Mink, especially, talks about her friendship with Urvashi and hwo she was warned to stay away from her before entering! 

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