S**t Imam Says

 January 1st, 2013

  • Bigg Boss – season 6 has definitely been Alag with the many surprise elements that we have seen over the course of time. But Imam Siddique is that one contestant who has not only amazed us with his antics, but he seems to have given a new meaning to the term ‘Alag Chhe’! Here are the top seven words and phrases that Imam has repeatedly used and has now become a part of our vocabulary. Click to know more!

  • Every time Imam has made a mistake he has walked up to the housemate and said sorry assuming that would rectify his error. We have seen how housemates have gotten more irritated with his sorry rather than his mistake! Guess Imam should try making a career in politics. Like all politicians in times of crisis, he would also get up, say sorry and take no onus of the mistake. Watch him get out of a situation by saying the overused word Sorry.

  • After he misbehaved with Aashka in the Padosi Ghar, Imam has gotten used to re-telling this story to anyone who’s ready to listen and has proudly termed his behavior as his ‘Haivaniyat’. So one will usually see him warning others about his so called “Haivaniyat” and reminding them to what level he can go down. Watch as Imam displays his haivaniyat in this video. 

  • The word in Urdu means to instruct and we have seen Imam use this one umpteen number of times. Be it with Sapna in the Chor Police task or in his tussle with Rajev. Imam is always seen giving Hidayat to housemates on how to behave around him. 

  •  Okay, this one is a long phrase and Imam has used this in very rare cases but something which has boggled our minds more than any of the above! Whenever Imam has used this phrase, it means he’s extremely angry on the other person and has no words to describe it. In such situations, he starts off the fight with his usual Hidayat and Haivaniyat but when the opposite person doesn’t react, then comes out Chal Chal, Hutt Hutt! Watch as Imam makes use of this phrase with Niketan.

  • Every time a housemate tries to confront Imam he puts them off by saying, “If you think I am listening, you’re sadly mistaken!” This attitude of his has many a times caused friction between him and Rajev as in such scenario the latter doesn’t get an opportunity to rest his case. Ah, well that’s another story!

  •  No, we do not mean let’s take a break. In Imam’s vocabulary this means, ‘dude back off!’ He has said these words to not only all housemates but recently even to host Salman Khan! Well, however stubborn Imam is, using this phrase with Salman is a big time no-no.Eventually it was Imam who was made to shut up by Dabanng Khan. Finally, someone who could stop Imam’s non-stop ranting! Watch as Salman told Imam, dude time out!

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