Sridevi graces Medley special #SurKshetra Episode 28 Recap

 December 27th, 2012

  • It was the 'Medley Special' episode of SurKshetra, and Himesh kickstarted the proceedings by singing an energetic medley of his own compositions, ending with the hit song 'Bodyguard'.

  • The first Surandaaz for the day was Yashraaj, who sang a powerful medley of foot-tapping songs that had the jury and the audience grooving. Asha Bhosle even gave him a standing ovation while Runa Laila called him a true rockstar. Yashraaj walked away with a perfect 30! Watch his performance here!

  • The host, Ayesha Takia, hinted that there would be a surprise at the end of the episode. While she kept reminding everybody about the surprise, she refused to reveal what it was, keeping the audience guessing.

  • Mulazim can sing, and he can mimic. But he showed another talent of his when he danced to his own medley performance. He flirted with Runa Laila, and even managed to bring Himesh to the stage to shake a leg. And quite expectedly, this all-round performance scored a 30! Watch Mulazim in action here!

  • We're surprised to see Diljaan's flirty side, but his perfect performance was not such a big surprise. He sang a medley of Punjabi songs, and Runa Laila praised him saying that it was a 'Balle Balle' performance! Diljaan's efforts earned him a perfect 30 score. Watch Diljaan's performance here!

  • Nabeel chose to go retro for his medley, and it turned out to be a great decision as Ashaji sang with him and also gave him a standing ovation. Atif reiterated that he was the best singer in SurKshetra. This praise, coupled with a perfect score, made Nabeel very happy indeed! Watch Nabeel sing here.

  • After all the energetic medleys, Budhaditya went the romantic way and sang a soft medley. Sadly, this didnt work for him. Atif felt that the feel was missing, while Runaji said that he faltered in the middle of the performance. Budha had to be satisfied with only a 10 from Ashaji. Watch Budha's romantic medley here.

  • When it was Sara's turn to perform, Pakistani captain Atif announced that Sara wouldn't be able to perform as she wasn't well. The Pakistani team looked disappointed, and Atif added that she would definitely be missed.

  • The surprise of the day was when evergreen actress Sridevi came to the sets. The jury, the finalists and Ayesha, all proclaimed their love for Sridevi, and told her their favourite Sridevi movie. Needless to say, Sridevi was overwhelmed, and wished luck to all the finalists.

  • Mulazim was doubly happy as he not only won the 'Singer of the Day' for his superb performance, but also received the trophy from Sridevi as Atif looked on proudly!

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